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What Is the Strongest Industrial Vibrators – H&Z company

Electric vibrators are generally used for loosening, feeding, consolidating and separating bulk solids and to reduce friction. Loosening product accumulation and adhesion in hoppers.
Electric vibrators produce non-directional, orbital oscillations. To drive conveying troughs, sieves or vibration tables, external vibrators are synchronised to work in the opposite direction to each other in pairs in order to obtain a directional vibration. The frequency and power of the vibrations can be matched to the particular process using an optional frequency converter.
Construction and operating principle: Electric vibrators are motors with unbalanced shaft ends. The unbalanced wheels can be adjusted, thereby altering the moment, centrifugal force and stroke.

 VB series electric vibrator

VB series electric vibrator

electric vibrators
electric vibrators




The Vibrating Screen and the electric vibrator for the Industries–H&Z ENTERPRISE GROUPS


 VB series electric vibrator

H&Z ENTERPRISE GROUPS devoted to providing R & D of and machine and brought into advanced technology from abroad.

The vibrator motor is another kind of electric object that obtains quality separation with the centrifugal force unlike the screens.

  VB series electric vibrator

VB series electric vibrator


electric vibrators  


VB series electric vibrator–H&Z ENTERPRISE GROUPS

Designers and engineers of H&Z ENTERPRISE GROUPS have successfully researched and developed various sets of vibratory equipment for several decades.

At present, our main products are vibrating screens, vibrating feeders, conveying equipment, lifting equipment, belt conveyors, shock springs, airflow screens, exciters and other related products, which are used in Metallurgy, Mine, Coal, Thermal Power, Building Materials, Medicine, Agriculture, Chemical Fertilizer and other industries. Our production technology meets internationally advanced level. We have established long-term good cooperation relations with customers in Malaysian, Korea, Vietnam and Pakistan, and are highly appreciated for our reliable quality and professional service. 

 VB series electric vibrator:

1.Material:SS 304, base:plain steel.
2.Tyler mesh 42-10 Micron:150-355
4.Design Service Offered
Vibration Motor:
2.China excellent credit enterprise

Characteristics and constructure of VB series electric vibrator:

1.Small size,light weight,easy installation
2.Frequency stability,high efficency,no complicated gearing
3.strong vibration,larger powder

Using condition of VB series electric vibrator:

Acceleration can not more than 20g(g=9.8m/s)
Temperation around environment not more than 42
Elevation not more than 3000m
Application scope of vibration motor:
It widely used in grain processing,mining,casting,metallurgies and so on.

 VB series electric vibrator

VB series electric vibrator

Electrical Vibrators| Invicta Vibrators – Makers of Mechanical


pecifications of High efficient VB series electric vibrator

1.small volume,light weight,Easy installation
2.srong seismic,High efficiency
3.Non-complex Transmission Equipment

 VB series electric vibrator

VB series electric vibrator combined by driving force and vibration,is one motor which is new tape, save energy and applicable to various vibration devices.
Feature :
1.Small volume,light weight and easy installation.
2.Stable vibration frequency,High efficiency,and non-complex gearing.
3.Strong vibration resistance,great power,apply various much dust places.
4.Working environment temperature less than 40°c.
5.Elevation of workplace less than 1000 meter.
6.The motor can work continuously.
electric vibrators  

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